Animal Puppeteering- An entirely different kind of acting

So as some of you who follow our blog may have already read, recently, we have had the honor of working alongside Erth for their Japan Dinosaur Zoo tour. In the spring, Yutaka and I […]

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New TKD Uniforms!…and the story of Quiet Flame Taekwondo

One of the things that I’ve been incredibly happy with as of late is the fact that our Taekwondo program finally has it’s own uniforms. Although Quiet Flame Taekwondo has been operating in Tokyo for […]

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Touring with Erth

Just arrived in Hiroshima, our first stop on the Erth promo tour with Yutaka, who will be operating the back legs of the triceratops rig I’ll be driving for the full Japan tour in a […]

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