Performing Stunts for “Special Actors”

May 31, 2019 Post by Chuck Johnson in Uncategorized

This past week, 5 of our members had the honor of performing stunts for a Japanese action film called “Special Actors”. The film is an action comedy directed by Shinichiro Ueda, who produced and directed “One Cut of the Dead“, the most successful Japanese film of 2017, and the 7th most financially successful Japanese films of all time. Although it was produced on a budget of only $30,000, it has gone on to make over $30 Million worldwide, making a profit margin of over 1000x its budget.

The film came our way via it’s action director, Hayate Masao, who trained with us on several occasions. Originally, there weren’t any scenes in the film requiring foreign stunt people, but after having trained with us, Hayate convinced the director that having us involved would bring value to the project. With that, a small budget was put together for a high profile stunt involving multiple people, and we rehearsed it, memorized the Choreo and performed it. 5 of us were all working as stunt performers on the day, while Yutaka worked as an assitant action director throughout the film’s principle photography.

While of course, we can’t say anything about the story or our roles until after the film’s release, it was a great opportunity for those of us involved; not just because of the notoriety of the director, but also because it gave us the opportunity to work and train alongside Gocoo Stunts, one of Tokyo top stunt teams, who also work on visiting Hollywood productions. Given the fact that I’ve yet to meet a Japanese person who hasn’t watched “One Cut of the Dead” I think the anticipation is high for this film, and we can expect good things for QF in the future. Additionally, at least from what I saw of Hayate’s action direction, it would seem as though he has a bright future ahead of him and I really look forward to the chance of our working with him again. Many thanks to our stunties, Mr. Ueda, our action director and Team Gocoo! Good stuff all around!

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