Team QF on the Road

August 21, 2019 Post by Chuck Johnson in Uncategorized

This year, QF had the honor of introducing 4 members into Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo cast.

So, much like last year, QF is playing a role in Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo, but instead of it just being myself, this time we were fortunate enough to have 4 of our members joining the tour. In addition to myself, Alice and Juliano are joining me on the road, and AJ was also filling in for me while I was teaching film choreography at the International Stunt School this year.

While last year’s tour was a lot of fun as that meant my immersion into a completely Australian working environment, this year was fun in that a group of QF folks got to go together; and while I am American, Juliano is Brazilian and Alice is Australian, like all QF people, we share a love of movement and martial arts that makes a lot of endless communication flow. As with last year the Aussie crew from Erth has been amazing and the knowledge gained that comes from high level actors and puppeteers feels invaluable. Only two weeks left in the tour. I’ll be happy to get back to our regular training, but sad to see it come to an end.

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