Touring with Erth

June 2, 2018 Post by Chuck Johnson in Uncategorized

Just arrived in Hiroshima, our first stop on the Erth promo tour with Yutaka, who will be operating the back legs of the triceratops rig I’ll be driving for the full Japan tour in a few months. The last show/presentation we did was in the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, and this one will be in Hiroshima airport. In general, I love Tokyo, but it’s always nice to be able to get out of the city sometimes and see other areas of Japan. Especially if my official excuse is driving a robotic dinosaur, lol.

For only having a few hours of rehearsal with the rig before our first show, Yutaka has done an awesome job, and I’m really glad to be able to bring him with me on this one. Looking forward to the show tomorrow!

Yutaka and I with our triceratops rig.
On the road to our hotel in Hiroshima.
The show’s producer/director Scott, showing my son the Triceratops rig at the Australian Embassy presentation. He’s got no idea that Daddy’s inside, lol.

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